User Management

Anzu provides fully-managed user management for your application. This allows you to focus on building your application instead of setting up different providers, implementing Single Sign-On for enterprise customers, and keeping your users secure.

Authentication Flow

Users start on your landing page or within your application, from which they are redirected to the hosted auth page.

On the hosted auth page, users can choose from a list of enabled auth providers. Using any of these may lead to another redirect (e.g. to the Google Sign In page), after which they are brought back to the hosted page, from which they are redirected back to your application. On the final redirect, Anzu issues a token that can be used to authenticate the user in your application.

In case a user signs in for the first time, a user identity is created and the user is provisioned in Anzu. Then, a webhook is sent to your application, so it can complete the registration process.


Add user management to your application with the following guides: