Access Tokens

Access tokens are created for team members, as well as teams. Every time you sign in, a temporary (personal) access token is created. You can create access tokens on the level of teams to perform actions on behalf of the team.

Creating a team access token

  • Head to the team settings by opening the team switcher (clicking the team name in the top left), then click Team Settings
  • Go to Access Tokens, then click Create
  • Enter a name, and select the scopes you want to grant to the token

Disabling an access token

At any point in time, you can disable an access token. This will immediately block any further access, until you decide to enable it again.

To disable an access token, go to the Access Tokens page in the team settings, go to your token, and click Disable in the top right corner.

Rolling an access token

In case you have to update your token (for example, if it leaked), go to the Access Token detail page and click Roll. You will receive a new token, which you can use to replace the old one.